Introduction to Noster ProBiotics

Noster Products ®is a venture to promote and supply one of the best probiotics available on market today, Noster ProBiotics ®.

“Noster” is Latin for “our”.

A little history of how we got involved in this project.

Hi I’m Torin Jackson

Torin Jackson

My father, Neil, recommended I get involved in this venture. 

We have both taken probiotics for a number of years and have benefited from them. When I was still at school I took the probiotic every morning. But when on holiday, getting out of bed after my dad had left for work, I was lazy and wouldn’t take any, a “boy thing”.

The problem was that at that age, acne is a curse. While I took the probiotics at school I seldom had a problem, but during the holidays I would break out. This would disappear when I went back to school and took the probiotics daily.

I share my fathers view on health.

Neil Jackson

My dad has been a pharmacist for over 30 years. He is not one to listen to the drug companies propaganda but does a lot of independent reading. His three favourite magazines are Scientific American,Scientific American Mind and The New Scientist

We both believe in treating the cause of a problem and not the symptoms. A lot of modern medicine is aimed at symptomatic relief and not cure. It seems to me that doctors and medical professionals tend to think of us as chemical reactions. They think that modern medicine understands exactly how we function and by taking a chemical substance we can cure every thing. We are far more complex than that and “Modern Medicine” has a long way to go before it understands how we truly function.

Doctors and Gynaecologists don’t always have the patients best interests at heart. The very disturbing trend in the increased number of Caesarian births is one such problem. It is more convenient for the doctor to schedule a C Section than wait for the natural process to occur. There are many problems for the mom and the baby, that are life long. The biggest for us is increase in autoimmune diseases in these babies.

My dad used to sell a probiotic in the pharmacy that he worked with phenomenal results for C Section babies with various skin conditions like asthma, eczema and psoriasis

Please feel free to email me or my dad, if you have any queries.

8 thoughts on “Introduction to Noster ProBiotics”

  1. Hi Torin,
    Would your probiotic prevent soneone :-
    Constantly getting flu
    Neurological problems – constant pain in the ankle area. Infection & circulation are ruled out.

    1. Hi Ingrid,
      They are available via our website. We courier them through out South Africa via Fastway. It is overnight if you are on the main routes. A couple of days if you are off the beaten track.

  2. Hi there, please advise if your probiotic is a better than the Real Thing probiotic and why. Do you deliver to western cape?

    1. Hi Tanya,
      It is not better than The Real Thing, Pro-Probiotic because it is The Real Thing Pro-Probiotic. We market it under license as Noster ProBiotics. We get it in bulk and repackage it as Noster ProBiotics.
      We deliver throughout South Africa

  3. Good day

    Will a probiotic capsule and a probiotic yogurt help for virginal yeast infections?

    1. They certainly will. There are a few aimed at women, more marketing than anything else. Just take a live culture and you are good to go. The yoghurt must be organic from raw milk if possible. Must not be one with sugar added. The yoghurt though is not nearly as effective as the capsules.
      I have yoghurt every morning, but it’s because I like the taste

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