Antibiotics and Pregnancy, Lung Development

What Doctors don’t tell you about antibiotics and pregnancy, lung development.babies lung development stethoscope

Antibiotics during pregnancy can do more damage than was once though.

By destroying the bacteria in the mother’s gut we are destroying the babies immune system.

Bacteria in the mothers gut release chemicals which direct the developing babies growth. In this cas it is a group of chemicals that tell the lungs when to build immune cells and when to use them. 

Disrupting their function by killing them off with antibiotics makes the newborn more susceptible to contracting pneumonia. The mortality rate, number of deaths, is also higher.

I am not sure of the practice in South Africa, but in the US and UK women are given antibiotics just prior to a Caesarean Section. They are administered to prevent infection by Streptococcus infections.

We have co-evolved with the bacteria in our gut for hundreds of thousands of years. They are essential in our development and health from even before we are born.

It is likely they have a role to play from before the moment of conception until we die. It is insane to continue to take antibiotics for cold and flu. We should only take them as a last resort.

We are developing new generations of people who have a terrible immune system due, in part, to excessive antibiotic use in humans and on the farms.

My advice is don’t blindly listen to your doctor, be wary of antibiotics and Ceasarean Sections.

To overcome some of the problems take a good probiotic daily. 

This post is based on an article in the magazine “New Scientist” 18 Feb 2017, “Antibiotics may harm infant lungs”

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