Eczema treatments, the good, the bad and the ugly

Eczema treatments have been studied from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, there are many theories and treatments. Most, if not 99% are ineffective and/or have significant side effects. There is also the confusion between eczema and psoriasis.

According to most of modern medicine there is no cure for eczema.

All eczema treatments are designed to maintain the breakout, reduce swelling or inflammation, and relieve itching or discomfort.

The most common treatment of eczema is the use of corticosteroid medication, usually as an ointment, lotion, or cream. They do not cure Eczema breakouts but but greatly improve the breakout. They reduce the redness, relieving itching, and suppress other symptoms. They have many unwanted side effects, skin will become thin or irritated if used for too long. So they can only be used in acute attacks and as a last resort. Also leave the skin prone to fungal or bacterial infection.

Immunomodulators, suppress the immune response, were developed to overcome these issues but they have been linked to skin and lymph node cancer.

Daily moisturising is essential to avoid dry skin, which would aggravate the eczema. This the single most important thing to do according to modern medicine. I think it is important as well and always recommend Eucerin products with Urea as an ingredient.

Following on from the above, avoid harsh soaps. Stripping of the oil by soaps and detergents can severely aggravate the condition. Avoid perfumes and products that have alcohol as a base. NEVER use an antibiotic soap ever..Eczema treatments, the good, the bad and the ugly

All of these treatments are aimed at the symptoms and not at the cause.

The underlying problem is an autoimmune deficiency.

According to our model of the immune system, the inflammatory response is continuing unchecked, i.e. the regulatory half of the immune system is not working. This is causing the symptoms. Our model recommends restoring the balance, which is restoring the gut probiotics, they are responsible for starting and maintaining the regulatory response, they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Our solution is a probiotic, a live culture probiotic containing 20 billion colony forming micro-flora.

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