EnviroServ to halt dumping at Shongweni landfill

EnviroServ to halt dumping at Shongweni landfill by court order.

“The time for playing games is over. I am here to protect the community and not the pockets of your client. The buck stops here and it stops today‚” Judge Gregory Kruger.

In spite of the “independent” report stating that the stench does not pose a health risk, being cited, Judge Kruger was pretty straight forward and adamant that the community comes first and not profits. This is a great change from South Africa’s usual stance.

Everyday South Africans owe a huge dept to the judiciary, as seen in this judgement and other in the Constitutional Court. At least something is working in South Africa.

EnviroServe has warned that the noxious smell will get worse. This is a big fear of mine. They no longer have any reason to look after this site or fix the problem.

Enviroserve’s lawyers are formulating and appeal, so the roller coaster continues.

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