Hillcrest, what’s that smell

Hillcrest, what’s that smell is a post that I have been reluctant to print because I do not want readers to think that I am trying to profit from their misfortune.

Hillcrest, what's that smell-Shongweni Dump siteHowever, a customer living in Le Domain, pointed out to me that the Noster ProBiotics were working for her family and I was depriving people of health protection from the toxic effects of the Shongweni dump site.

Some of the toxic effects that residents are complaining about are, sinus, breathing problems and burning eyes as well as vomiting. 

Interestingly there has been reports of cattle getting sick and dying as well as race horses getting spontaneous nose bleeds.

One newspaper report stated that the Durban July was in danger because of the affect of the Shongweni landfill and it’s toxic emissions.

The treatment.

To understand the treatment we have to understand how our immune system works. (A more detailed explanation is available here.) It must be remembered that our immune system is designed to fight infections, as we all know, but in addition it also protects us against toxins, such as those we breath in courtesy of Enviroserve and the Shongweni landfill.

Hillcrest, what's that smell - Shongweni Dump protest marchBriefly, the toxins are creating an inflammatory response in our bodies. This is a good thing in the beginning, but there are a number of problems.

  1. if the inflammation last too long
  2. if the immune response is over whelmed by the toxins
  3. if the immune response is too strong

All these cause a similar problem, the overactive immune system and the inflammatory response is unchecked.

This what is happening to many people, especially the young and the aged. The inflammation is causing the breathing difficulties, the bleeding noses etc.

To protect your immune system we need to boost the regulatory response, (a more detailed explanation is available here). This regulatory response reduces the inflammation.

This then reduces the breathing difficulties and other allergic conditions.

The inflammatory response is controlled directly by the body but the regulatory response is controlled by the bacteria in your gut, ie probiotics.

So, to increase the regulatory response we need to increase the bacteria in your gut.

This is done by taking a probiotic regularly. Not just any probiotic.

It must

  • be a live culture that is kept in the fridge, not a freeze dried culture on the shelf.Noster ProBiotic Bottle and capsules
  • have as many strains as possible, 10 is a good number
  • the strains must be beneficial

There are a number of products on the market that fit these criteria. The one my son, Torin, sells is Noster Probiotics

Have a look they will provide a level of protection for you and your family until this situation is resolved.

I take one every day and so does Torin


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