A little history and an explanation about Noster ProBiotics and The Real Thing Pro-Probiotic is required.

Noster ProBiotics are a clone of “The Real Thing Pro-Probiotic”.The Real Thing PRO-PROBIOTIC

A clone is similar to a generic except that it is exactly the same as the original in every respect. A generic has the same active ingredients only.

A clone is usually used to compete in the generic market, at a lower price, while maintaining the original product at a higher price.

The clone is often marketed by another company under license from the original company.

In this things are a little different. We purchase the original The Real Thing Pro-ProBiotic from the original company, The Real Thing. We buy it in bulk, no packaging etc only big bags of capsules. This cuts numerous cost such as packaging and especially transport costs. We then package it here and resell it at a much lower price due to the savings.

We reduce the price even more by having a refill pack. This is 30 capsules in a paper envelope that is used to refill your original bottle. Some customers don’t even buy the original bottle.Noster ProBiotic Bottle and capsules

I suggested this project to my son, Torin, because the pharmacy I work at is no longer keeping the original and both him and I take the ProBiotic daily. We needed to make sure we could get it for ourself. What I didn’t realise was that 20 members of the staff also took the ProBiotic daily. Torin contacted the manufacturer and purchased some for ourself and the staff. Customers continued to ask about the product and the manufacturers contacted Torin to see if he needed more and offered this deal of bulk purchasing. I believe in this product so I recommended that Torin start this enterprise.

With the permission of The Real Thing, Torinbranded the product as Noster ProBiotics. “Noster” is Latin for “Our”.

For the present, until the business has established its selves, sales will be through the website, Noster ProBiotics (htp://www.nosterprobiotics.com).

Deliveries will be in the evening around 6.30pm for the moment, except on a Friday, when they can be any time of the day. Delivery is free in the Hillcrest, Kloof and Waterfall areas. You can either do an EFT, pay COD or credit card.

The long term plans are to sell to the retail outlets in the area as well.

I am very happy to recommend this product, as I said earlier Torin and I both take it. My philosophy in medicine and in my work is to try to treat the cause and not just the symptoms and so this fits right in there treating the cause of many auto-immune diseases as well as boosting our immune system.

Please feel free to email Torin (torin@nosterprobiotics.com) with suggestions or, hopefully not too many, complaints. We also have a Live Chat facility called Tawk. You can find it at the bottom right of the page.