Safe and effective alternative to antibiotics

The safe and effective alternative to antibiotics will come as a surprise. Modern medicine thinks it knows how the body and the immune systems works, but we are only scratching the surface. What we thought we knew about diseases and micro-organisms is being turned upside down.

A brief explanation how our immune system works.

Our immune system with regards to infections is boosted by the microbes (probiotics) in our gut. They are known as the “Forgotten Organ” of our body.Safe and effective alternative to antibiotics

Caesar babies are very prone to infections and the use of antibiotics makes the problem worse. I am not saying that antibiotics should never be used but they should only be used as a last resort and when the infectious organism is susceptible to it.

Because Caesar babies never went down the mother’s birth canal they never were exposed to the mother’s microbes (ProBiotics) so their immune system is compromised.

The use of antibiotics makes it worse by killing more of the beneficial microbes.

Our recommendation to boost your babies immune system is a daily dose of a probiotic. Not just any old probiotic. The probiotic must have the following

  1. Live culture, not the freeze dried cultures you find on the retail shelves
  2. a broad range of strains, the more the better. A minimum of 5 at least
  3. colony forming. Not much use if they are too easily excreted
  4. known beneficial strains

My son and I both take a Noster ProBiotic daily!

My safe, side effect free treatment to boost your babies immune system is one Noster ProBiotic daily. It is a capsule and can be opened and added to milk or yoghurt.

It is a long term treatment that will take a few months to be effective. It will also be a life long treatment. It must be taken every day.

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