Why ProBiotics?

Why probiotics?

Noster ProBiotic Bottle and capsules 6 months. Why probiotics

Our passion is probiotics!

We only sell probiotics.

We do not sell any other medical product

We believe after a few million years of evolution our bodies have developed enough to not need any chemicals to remain healthy.

You may wonder why we added probiotics to the exceptions.

Probiotics are not chemicals. They are living cells that we have co-evolved with over the last few million years and they are essential to our well being.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be selling them because we would have them from the environment. However, we have destroyed our environment and our lifestyle no longer enables us to get what we need from the environment so we have to supplement them via a capsule.

They are essential to our health and well being, physical and mental.

  1. Essential nutrients are absorbed
  2. Increased energy
  3. Healing quicker
  4. Improved moods
  5. Cope with stress 
  6. Less anxiety and depression
  7. Think better and clearer
  8. Hormone balance is improved
  9. Clear skin
  10. Fewer allergies
  11. Fewer autoimmune diseases
  12. Reduced inflammation and pain
  13. Stronger immune system
  14. Lower risk of disease

As new research continues, probiotics are moved from complementary medicine to the outskirts of conventional medicine. But the weight of the data is thrusting probiotics front and centre of modern medicine.

The discovery of the antibiotic has been a boon for the fight against infectious disease, but it has also lead to the rampant rise of chronic diseases. 

So we swopped the short term diseases for the long term diseases with the use of antibiotics.

Only lately has it been discovered that our microbiome, or the lack or imbalance of our microbiome, is responsible for this frightening rise of autoimmune diseases.

If you maintain your microbiome the chance are far greater you will live a healthy long life.

So simply put, the answer to “Why Probiotics” is without them we cannot maintain our health!

Take a Noster ProBiotic a day. We all do, from 86-year-old gran down. 

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