Best yogurt with probiotics

In South Africa, we are not blessed with a wide range of yogurts with probiotics. To choose the best yogurt with probiotics is not too difficult.

At the outset I must state that I have no financial interest in any probiotic yogurt or probiotic yoghurt, depending on where you live.

Woolworths seem to have the biggest range, but I shop at Spar.

Research in Canada from the University of Toronto’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, showed that yoghurt does not provide therapeutic levels of probiotics. In fact they have 25 times too little probiotics per serving. So in order to get a therapeutic dose you will need 25 servings. I think it is easier to take a capsule.

Noster ProBiotics has 10 beneficial strains with a total of 20 billion probiotics

So although the effectiveness of the probiotic yoghurt is in question it is better than using the non-probiotic yoghurt.

Probiotics all inhibit the growth of unfriendly microbes and thus assist in maintaining a healthy microbial balance.

Commercial yoghurt is full of artificial colors, flavors, additives, and sugar. The high concentrations of sugar have two serious drawbacks. The first is weight gain and the second is the sugar feeds the disease-causing microbes in the gut limiting the probiotics effectiveness.

The best yoghurt with probiotics should

  • be VAT pasteurised at low temperatures
  • be made from raw milk not pasteurised milk
  • have multiple strains of probiotics
  • have no added sugar
  • have no added salt

In South Africa we have the the following yogurts

Parmalat, Ayrshire, Woolworths plain low-fat yogurt, GERO Yoghurt, Danone, Fairview,,Clover ,Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt.

There is a vegan yoghurt, not if it is available in South Africa though, Vegan yogurt

I’m sure there are more, a Google search will reveal all.

The yoghurt I eat is Graceland. It is made in Hilton, so kind of local, more environmentally friendly. You should always buy local if you can.

  • It is made from full cream pasture fed cow’s milk.
  • It contains no added sugar or any other additives.
  • It contains no added salt
  • It contains four probiotic strains “Best yogurt with probiotics” is locked Best yogurt with probiotics-Graceland yoghurt

Although I eat this every day for breakfast on my muesli, I would never stop taking my daily probiotic.

As I showed earlier I would need to take about 7 litres of the yoghurt to get the same probiotics as a single capsule.

I have the yogurt with muesli usually. The other day I had full cream milk and muesli, I was hungry around 12 much earlier than when I eat the yogurt. 

I eat the yoghurt for the taste, the few extra probiotics are a bonus.

5 thoughts on “Best yogurt with probiotics”

  1. I am looking for probiotics to make yogurt from coconut milk. These may be imported, but do you have the necessary ones ?

    1. Hi, Sorry for the delay. I didn’t know you could make yoghurt from coconut “milk” as it is not really milk as in dairy.
      On doing a search I found
      They use a starter from Amazon.
      There are a few errors or marketing tricks that have been used in these articles.
      There is no such thing as a dairy free probiotic. They are all dairy free. They are micro-organisms independent of dairy or anything else

  2. You can use nature fresh probiotics 15 liquid with 15 starter cultures +selenium it’s under R100 from Dischem or health shops i used 2 teaspoons

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