Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s disease falls within the inflammatory bowel disease and has a number of other names, chronic ileitis, regional enteritis, or granulomatous colitis, just to confuse us. They all obviously refer to the same set of symptoms due to the severe and persistent inflammation of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, usually between the ileum and the rectum.

Fortunately crohn’s disease is not life threatening just life retarding due to the discomfort and continual, expensive, drug regime that is used to treat the symptoms. Usually with little success. The choice of treatment for Crohn’s disease depends on the location and severity of the disease. Treatment of Crohn’s disease includes drugs for suppressing inflammation or the immune system, antibiotics, and surgery. All with little effect.

Crohn’s Disease Suffer’s

crohns disease

The normal age of the sufferer is between 15 and 35, but it is also seen in children and older folk though a lot less common. It is gender neutral, ie non-sexist, it attacks males and females equally.

No antibodies have been found in the cells lining the gastrointestinal wall but it is generally accepted as an autoimmune disease. The usually treatment is with all sorts of cortisones, as an enema or tablets as well as injections.

The body sends white blood cells into the lining of the intestines, where they produce chronic inflammation. These cells then generate harmful products that ultimately lead to ulcerations and bowel injury. This process leads to Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s Disease Treatment

We, however, as per usual, recommend a Noster ProBiotic daily.

Although we sell the ProBiotic we do not just recommend it for everything. It is not a silver bullet for all ailments. We only recommend it for conditions that we know it works for. Conditions that a customer tells it it has worked for them.
Diagram of a Colonoscopy

This is one of those cases. We have a customer who has been going to her gastroenterologist for 16 years. She fairly recently started the ProBiotic and went for a colonoscopy a couple of days ago. She has been on expensive chronic medication, around R8000.00 a month. She was surprised when her specialist said she didn’t have to have any more injections and she just needs to come back for a check up in 6 months. According to her, the only thing she can put it down to is the ProBiotic.

Our solution is a probiotic, a live culture probiotic containing 20 billion colony forming micro-flora.

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