Eczema is Greek for effervesce, bubble or boil over.child with eczema 2

It is common with about 30 million Americans suffering from it.

The skin becomes rough and inflamed with blisters. It is very itchy to the point sufferers scratch until they bleed. This damage aggravates the condition resulting in an itch-scratch cycle.

Eczema can occur anywhere but often on the elbows and behind the knees. In babies it seems to occur more on the face especially cheeks and chin as well as the scalp. Arms and legs are also affected. The rash can appear different on each person and on the same person at different times and on different parts of the body.

eczemaEczema Treatment

According to some conventional medical professionals there is no known cause and no known cure. They tend to treat symptomatically i.e. use steroid creams and cortisone tablets amongst other things.

I look at the fact that Caesar babies are very prone to this condition and I have treated many of them with probiotics with amazing results and I see a link between the bacteria we have in and on us and this condition.

Caesar babies do not go down the mothers birth canal and do not get the mothers bacteria and have a compromised immune system. Adults can develop similar problems due to excessive antibiotics, antibacterial soaps, bad diet and lack of exercise.

As we can see this is an autoimmune disease

  1. Inflammatory response is initiated by the body, resulting in a build up of inflammatory T-Cells that in this case accumulate in the skin.
  2. Regulatory response removes these T-Cells and this is controlled by the bacteria in the gut, such as B.fragilis.Eczema

Part of the answer for adults is to stop antibiotics, use a normal soap, lose weight, do some exercise and most important take at least one Noster ProBiotic® a day.

For babies and children get pets, especially dogs, stop worrying about being excessively clean. Allow them to get dirty, play in the mud and NEVER use an antibacterial soap. Lastly give them a Noster ProBiotic® a day.

For immediate relief I would suggest Eucerin® creams and lotions. Use the ones containing urea.

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