Psoriasis treatments, the good, the bad and the ugly

Psoriasis treatments, the good, the bad and the ugly, have been ongoing for thousands of years from the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and because there are so many types there are many theories and treatments. Most, if not 99% are ineffective and/or have significant side effects.

We will examine the treatments in various time periods

Pre 20th-century

These include the herbal salves and sun treatment. Another treatment was the application of coal tar. The side effects of this treatment are many, including a terrible tar smell, very messy, stained skin and clothes and to top it all it can cause cancer.


There was a lot of treatments developed but all had huge amounts of side effects. It became a balance between the condition and the side effects.

In the 20’s it was sunlight and UV light. Like ancient Egypt, a cream or salve was applied and the patient exposed to light. A UV light was developed as well.Psoriasis treatments, the good, the bad and the ugly

The 50’s saw the use of steroids, topical and oral. These were used to slow the growth of the skin cells and to reduce the inflammation. Their effects where almost immediate, but had to be repeated often to maintain the results. In effect masking the problem not fixing. The repeated treatment meant increased side effects, such as the skin atrophy (dying), and permanent scars.

During the 60’s the medical industry started to use hydroxyurea, a cancer treatment, to reduce the rapid growth of the skin cells. The serious side effects of birth defects and the reduction in the numbers of white blood cells and blood clotting factors stop this treatment.

Bumbling along into the 70’s UV treatment was again in vogue, but with a new twist, called PUVA or photochemotherapy. The patient took medication orally which increased their sensitivity to the UV rays. The premature ageing and the increase risk of skin cancer was the main result.

Another cancer treatment, Methotrexate, has and is still being used. It slows the skin cell growth, but also the bone marrow and in males, the sperm calls. Another side effect is liver damage.


Once again the ‘light’ therapy is being used in the form of lasers. Recommended psoriasis treatment for mild conditions.

Different cancer treatments and immune system suppressant are being used. To name a few, Cyclosporin, suppresses the immune system, tioguanine, (leukemia treatment) prevents skin cell growth, and retinoid, (Vitamin A derivatives) also prevent cell division. As you can see these are very toxic, and need constant monitoring.

All of these treatments are aimed at the symptoms and not at the cause.

The underlying problem is an autoimmune deficiency.

According to our model of the immune system, the inflammatory response is continuing unchecked, i.e. the regulatory half of the immune system is not working. This is causing the symptoms. Our model recommends restoring the balance, which is restoring the gut probiotics, they are responsible for starting and maintaining the regulatory response, they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Our solution is a probiotic, a live culture probiotic containing 20 billion colony forming micro-flora.

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